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Monthly Gathering 01; 8th November 2018, 7.30pm to 11.00pm 


'Who do you think you are?' Do you ever ask yourself this question?  Is this the thought that rises up in you and slaps you in the face when you step up bravely to dare to try something new?  As women, we may feel that we play many different roles throughout our lives; daughter, sister, mother, friend, colleague, business woman, to name but a few! But beneath the labels, and our ego created versions of ourselves, who are we?  Join us to explore this very question  and to hear how our speakers respond.

Introducing this month's speakers...

Ann Butler.jpg

Ann Butler

Representative from the Sheffield Branch of the Women's Equality Party


Maxine Greaves, MBE

Education and Inclusion Practicitioner and Researcher


Helen Lawson

Pastor, Theology Student, Mum


Polly Perkins

Writer and Producer

Nicola 01.jpg

Nicola Snoad

AKA The Renegade Coach; Speaker, Author, Entertainer

Included in your ticket price:-

  • entry into the event to hear our speakers

  • a welcome drink of fizz (or non-alchoholic alternative)

  • delicious  food by Percy and Lilly's

  • Soft drinks (tea, coffee and cake available to purchase)

  • an invitation to bring your own alcohol

  • music and a dancefloor

  • the opportunity to meet and network with some incredible women!

Tickets cost:  £15.00 standard; £10.00 Concessions

A limited number of free tickets are available each month for those who are unwaged and unable to afford to purchase a ticket.

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