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We are respectful


We listen to each other, and show patience and courtesy; we do not pass judgment, regardless of the situation or circumstances.


We are accepting of ourselves, and of others, despite differing opinions.  We meet others where they are at in life, and we do not assume, or expect, that others will see the world as we do.



We celebrate difference


We recognise that we are different to each other, that our own personal circumstances are unique, and that we each carry different types of personal privilege.  We honour and celebrate our differences.


We are equals


We have no hierarchy; no-one is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than anyone else.  Everyone has a voice,

and a part to play. 


We all have something to contribute regardless of, and because of, our age, background, gender, colour, sexuality, ethnicity, profession, personal circumstance.



We are courageous


We do not let our feelings of fear, or lack, get in the way of us showing up as our whole selves.


We allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and see that in being so, we can connect with others.


We trust our instinct and we act upon it. We do not restrict ourselves with self-limiting thoughts.



We are honest and open


We speak honestly, and listen willingly, from our open hearts and minds.


We see the value in learning new things, and we do not limit ourselves due to fixed thinking and rigid beliefs.



We are supporters of ourselves and of each other


We look after ourselves, and each other; showing compassion, empathy and understanding.


We cheer each other on, and we empower each other; offering support in times of struggle, and through celebrating our individual, and combined successes.


We do not compare ourselves, or compete, with each other; we recognise that everyone is experiencing their own unique version of life.

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