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Our aim is to create opportunities for cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space which centres the experience of women, to be in the company of each other in spaces that allow for conversation, openness, fun, and mutual respect.  


During the time we spend together, we shall share  our personal stories and experiences, to inspire and support each other to live authentically, honouring who we truly are, celebrating our differences, and lifting each other up.


Any profit raised will be used to enable us to take our work  to groups of women and girls who are otherwise unable to access the opportunities, events, and activities we offer.

There is an intersectional-feminist agenda attached to our work.   Our activism is focused on creating cultural change, and to challenge outdated societal norms, in order to promote gender equality.  We believe that all humans are equal to each other and are deserving of the same  rights, pay, respect and treatment.

Sisterhood Social encourages us to value and look after ourselves and each other -in achieving this, we believe that a more equal world will follow.  

Together we are stronger, together we rise.  Let us build each other up, and cheer each other on, so that we can be all that we were born to be.

Meet our founder Julie Mitchell


Proud to call Sheffield her home for twenty five years,  Julie lives with her husband, two sons, her elderly Mum and two adopted sibling cats. Julie works as a life and career coach and is training to be a counsellor and psychotherapist.  Honestly, she finds it surprising to have found herself creating and leading SIsterhood Social as she has spent a lifetime of feeling as if she doesn't belong in groups... a feeling which has made more sense since realising, at the age of 50 that she is autistic.

Julie is passionate about equality and inclusion and is committed to doing all she can to level the playing field and create opportunities for women, regardless of their background, job title or perceived status, to share their voice.  An advocate of self awareness as an act of community, Julie has seen the power of connection that comes from sharing our truths and telling our personal stories. 


The inspiration that ignited the idea for setting up Sisterhood Social  came from a play Julie saw at the Edinburgh Festival in 2017. 'Mouthpiece' by Canadian Theatre Company 'Why Not', is a heart wrenching exploration of womanhood shared through the story of a woman who loses her voice in the face of delivering the eulogy at her mother's funeral.  Following the performance, with tears streaming down her face, Julie vowed to do whatever she could to provide platforms for women to find connection to themselves, and each other, through sharing their voices and their stories.


 "The support for SIsterhood Social has been overwhelming and the magical feeling our community

creates  together when we gather is just beautiful.  Sometimes all it takes is a belief in ourselves and others. 

I am so grateful to lead this community and to co-curate and co-host our events.


Ju Mitchell 

We are currently seeking a Resident Co-host and Co-curator

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