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Gather & Zoom 01;

Wednesday 15th July 2020, 

8.00pm to 9.30pm


Theme: 'Let's talk about anti-racism..."

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In association with:

Join us for this online gathering to hear our wonderful line-up of speakers respond to our theme: "Let's talk about anti-racism...".


This event is created in association with Our Mel (please see below to find out more about Our Mel).


Our guest host for the evening will be the fabulous Tchyiwe Thandiwe Chihana - TV host, Compare, International Relations and Development leader, Sisterhood Social Gather & Feast speaker, and all round fabulous human.


Please note, this is not a discussion about anti-racism, this is not a debate, there will be no Q&A.    If there is interest, we shall offer a follow-up event (the next day) in which there will be opportunity for you to discuss your own experiences - the follow-up event will only be open to you if you attend this Gather & Zoom event and hear what our wonderful speakers have to share with you.


Our five speakers will be sharing their personal stories and experiences with you in response to our theme.


All of the money raised from ticket sales will be donated to the Our Mel ' Go Fund me'  initiative. 


If you wish to make a further donation to develop the work of Our Mel, then please follow this link .




More information about Our Mel (as seen on their Facebook page):


"My Melanin | Your Melanin | Our Melanin


What is Our Mel?


Rooted in Yorkshire and based in Sheffield & Leeds, Our Mel is a not-for-profit group dedicated to exploring cultural identity, Black history and what it means to be a person of colour in Britain today.


Our Mel was born in November 2016 after the Black Lives Matter protests in July 2016 and has grown into a community of people on a mission to support, encourage, teach and build the community through music, film, arts and education.


Our Mel centres Black womxn and Black people.


What is Our Mel's Mission?


Our Mel's mission is to support, encourage, teach and build the community through music, film, arts and education. Our Mel aims to create a safe space for all age groups, and ethnicities where exploring culture is encouraged, talent showcased and an embracement of heritage welcomed.


What does Our Mel do?


Our Mel delivers workshops and seminars on equality, specifically supporting businesses to combat structural racism and bias embedded in their working culture.


Our Mel runs development programmes and creative community events, empowering and inspiring womxn to become leaders and make positive, sustainable change


Our Mel launched Sheffield's first Black History Month festival; MELANIN FEST® in 2017 as well as establishing a festival in London the same year. In October 2018, Our Mel launched MELANIN FEST® in Leeds".

MELANIN_0004_Layer 6.jpg